Why You Should Consider Shopify Plus as Your International E-commerce Platform

Why You Should Consider Shopify Plus as Your International E-commerce Platform

If you are among the few who understand programming code like reading HTML, you probably enjoy the level of difficulty some e-commerce platforms present.

Whenever you are not available to tinker with the back end of your online shop, it means you must hire a professional programmer to take care of your web store’s technical aspects. Like most people starting out, it is unlikely that you want to use valuable time to write code and neither do you want to hire a professional to do that for you. This is because you want to keep your operational cost as low as possible without compromising on functionality and the quality of your online store.

Few platforms can help you do that successfully and effectively as Shopify can. Shopify is a Canadian based e-commerce platform that has proved to be a user-friendly solution that is both easy to set up and easy to manage after that. It was founded in 2004. Not only is it mobile friendly, but you also have very little to worry about in terms of maintenance or the technical aspects of how your online shop runs. With Shopify, it does not matter whether you know how to code or not because the technical issues have already been taken care of for you.

Shopify is ahead of the game as online shopping continues to evolve. It has managed to pull off the feat of integrating social media shopping so that your customers have access to Shopify Plus through their various social media platforms. This means customers can buy from you while on their social media platforms without having to leave.

Switching is not always an easy decision because the platform you are currently on could be stable in many other areas. But if it does not integrate well with other technical features such as help desk features, live chat, call tracking, and email service provider to name a few, it might be time to consider switching to the most integrated and optimized e-commerce platform. That is non-other than Shopify because of the below reasons:

  • Thousands of available themes
  • Support blog that helps you leverage on content
  • Tracking and maintenance of customer data
  • You can use mail chimp or any other email provider that suits you
  • POS integration
  • Advanced reporting
  • Analytics reporting


Given how user-friendly Shopify Plus is for both you and the buyer, switching might allow you more time to concentrate on actual selling as opposed to maintenance.

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