Brick and Mortar with an Online Angle

Brick and Mortar with an Online Angle

The shopping experience has been revolutionized with the emergence of international e-commerce platforms. This has seen more entrepreneurs venture into selling their wares online with great success. The online shopping experiences and trends have taken a stronghold.

Many customers who were reluctant to shop online before are now trying this new convenient way of shopping that’s becoming the new normal.

Discount periods such as ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ resonate well with consumers. Even those previously not interested are now paying attention and can’t resist the discounts. Everybody loves a bargain and consumers have realized there are plenty of them online.

So launching an online store is not such a bad idea, especially if you have access to quality products and an e-commerce platform that is easy to operate and suits your business model.

If you already own a brick and mortar store, taking your brand online is another avenue for you to move more products and improve customer engagement. This does not mean you close down your brick and mortar, because customers love to shop there. 61 percent of consumers prefer to shop in brick and mortar retail stores. This is because consumers love to see, feel, and touch what they are buying. If it is apparel, they have the opportunity to try it on before purchase. Should they decide to purchase, they leave the store with their purchase. These are some of the unbeatable advantages of a brick and mortar retail store.

On the other hand, 31 percent and growing are more comfortable shopping on the internet for obvious conveniences. One of those is being able to make purchases on the go such as when commuting or during your lunch break. Also, you can now do it from your mobile phone. Other conveniences include avoiding long queues and actual trips to a brick and mortar to make a purchase. Moms especially love online shopping because purchases can be done when the kids have gone to sleep or to school.

Entrepreneurs stand to gain if they can offer both conveniences. A brick and mortar adding an online store are likely to open another revenue stream while providing options to its customers. Although it all depends on the business model, these are some of the e-commerce platforms that can help you break new ground:

  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Yokart
  • Big commerce
  • Vtex


With a brick and mortar, you are already a few steps ahead because you have inventory and storage taken care of. Now you can expand by opening an online avenue to push your products even more.

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